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Tubac, AZ Pest Control Services

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Experienced Pest Control Specialists In Tubac, Arizona

If you’ve uncovered signs of termites, have noticed cockroach activity, or have reason to believe other pests are infesting your home or business, contact Northwest Exterminating today! Our locally operated pest control company has been taking care of pest problems in the Tucson metro since 1990 and are pleased to offer effective pest control services in Tubac.


Active Pests In Tubac, AZ

Home Pest Control In Tubac, AZ

At Northwest Exterminating, we offer year-round home pest control services in Tubac that target nuisance and potentially destructive insects and rodents, including but not limited to ants, mice, and spiders.  With three pest plans available, Tubac homeowners can choose the residential extermination plan that best meets their needs.

See plan details below or reach out to request your free home pest control estimate!

Defense Plan
What's included:
  • Year-Round Pest Protection
  • 4 Seasonal Services
  • General Pest Control
  • Free Re-Treat Service
  • SMART Monitoring System For Rodents
  • Termite Monitoring
  • Termite Baiting System
What's included:
  • Year-Round Pest Protection
  • 4 Seasonal Services
  • General Pest Control
  • Free Re-Treat Service
  • SMART Monitoring System For Rodents
  • Termite Monitoring
  • Termite Baiting System
SMARTDefense Complete
What's included:
  • Year-Round Pest Protection
  • 4 Seasonal Services
  • General Pest Control
  • Free Re-Treat Service
  • SMART Monitoring System For Rodents
  • Termite Monitoring
  • Termite Baiting System
**initial fees may apply

Trusted Termite Exterminators In Tubac, Arizona

Unfortunately for property owners in Tubac, this Santa Cruz County city is in a moderate to heavy termite risk zone on the termite infestation probability map. What does that mean exactly? Simply put, there’s a very good chance termites will show up if they haven’t already. To avoid minor to significant termite damage, it is imperative that property owners protect their structures from these wood-destroying pests!

At Northwest Exterminating, our team of exterminators specialize in eradicating termites and offer comprehensive termite control in Tubac. Our termite protection solutions are customized to suit the needs of the property we’re protecting, but could include:

  • Termite monitoring
  • Trelona® ATBS Annual Bait Stations
  • Liquid termite treatment featuring Termidor®
  • Termite pre-treatments
  • Borate termite treatments

For protection against termites on other pests that often infest Tubac homes, we recommend signing up for SmartDefense Complete.

SMARTDefense Complete

An all encompassing quarterly pest control plan, Northwest Exterminating's SMARTDefense Complete gives homeowners in Phoenix, Tucson, and Southern Arizona the peace of mind that rodents, insects, and termites are being controlled 24/7/365. We use the state-of-the-art SMART electronic rodent monitoring, a trusted termite baiting system, and our time-tested and effective control procedures for general insects including ants and spiders.

Seasonal Mosquito Control In Tubac, AZ

Every summer, Tubac residents look forward to spending time outside but don’t want to worry about mosquitoes biting.  Here at Northwest Exterminating, we offer seasonal mosquito control in Tubac that drastically reduces the mosquito population when these pests are most active – typically May through September.

Our seasonal mosquito control includes:

  • An initial mosquito inspection to identify mosquito breeding sites and resting sites
  • Monthly mosquito treatments that target adult mosquitoes hiding in tall grasses, shrubs, bushes, and other mosquito hotspots
  • Monthly larvicide treatments to minimize mosquito reproduction in standing water and other breeding sites

If you’re ready to enjoy a summer without worrying about mosquitoes driving you indoors, contact Northwest Exterminating today!

scorpion on southern arizona property

Living in our unique desert environments does have its drawbacks - namely scorpions and other desert-loving pests. To keep these pests out of homes in Tubac, Ajo, and throughout the Tucson metro, Northwest Exterminating developed Desert Guard, a pest and rodent exclusion plan.

Our Desert Guard solution starts with a will complete home inspection to identify:

  • Potential entry points
  • Pest harborage areas
  • Conducive conditions

Once we’ve assessed your property, we’ll develop a plan of action that will likely include the installation of:

  • Weatherstripping
  • Expanding cloth
  • Netting
  • Other long-term physical deterrents

Our goal is to make your home impenetrable to pest infestation and we take it very seriously! If you’re ready to keep scorpions and other pests out where they belong, give us a call today!

Rodent Control In Tubac, AZ

If you’re hearing noises in the walls or have discovered rodent droppings or other signs of mice or rats, contact Northwest Exterminating today!

Designed to eliminate both mice and rats, our effective rodent control starts with a thorough rodent inspection and includes:

  • Rodent trapping
  • Den or harborage removal
  • Rodent baiting maintenance programs

Don’t wait for rodents to damage property or jeopardize health risks, reach out to Northwest Exterminating today!

Bee Nest & Swarm Removal In Tubac, AZ

For bee removal in Tubac and Southern Arizona, Northwest Exterminating is the pest control company to call. Our bee removal specialists are state-certified and are part of our rapid response team. Available 24/7, you can rely on us to eradicate the threat stinging insects pose. When you contact us for help with Africanized bees and other stinging insects that have shown up on your property, we will conduct a property survey and then use one or more of the solutions listed below: 

  • Bee nest elimination
  • Honeycomb removal
  • Bee swarm removal
  • Structural repair
  • Commercial swarm trap systems
  • Residential scout trap systems

Don’t attempt to remove a bee nest or relocate a bee swarm on your own; contact Northwest Exterminating right away!

Commercial Pest Control In Tubac, AZ

If you’re searching for an experienced pest management company to handle your company’s pest problems, contact Northwest Exterminating today! Our team of pest control specialists offer commercial pest control services in Tubac that include:

  • A dedicated supervisor and account manager
  • A systemic approach to handling commercial pest management needs
  • Customized pest management plans
  • State-certified pest control technicians equipped to handle any pest problem
  • Modern equipment and the best products
  • Digital rodent control solutions
  • 24/7 emergency services

Whether your business is already overrun by insects and/or rodents or you simply want to ensure your commercial or industrial facility does not develop pest issues, we can help. Give us a call today or complete the online form and we’ll reach out.  

customer for brown recluse spider control in cochise county


‟I bought a home, sight unseen (I trusted a VA inspector) in rural Cochise County, AZ.
After moving in I quickly discovered that the home was INFESTED with vermin and BROWN RECLUSE SPIDERS!

NW Exterminating installed ‘Desert Guard’ and that took care of ALL of the vermin, and, after a few treatments of Spider Power-Dusting in my crawl space I am free of dangerous spiders!

Dave K.
Cochise County, AZ
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