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Northwest Exterminating Provides Complete Pest Control For All Types Of Commercial Properties

Our commercial pest control services are designed to meet your company's special requirements and minimize the effect on business, customers, and employees.  No two businesses are the same so we offer site-specific action plans and a specialized commercial inspection to design the right pest control solutions for your commercial property.

professional pest control providers servicing a local tucson az business


Dedicated Supervisor & Systemic Approach

Northwest Exterminating assigns a Supervisor and Account Manager dedicated to your commercial pest management needs. They explain the problem, solution, and prevention while managing a systematic approach.

Personal Approach to Pest Control

A detailed inspection of the area or structure, Identification of the pest problem and environmental concerns, Develop a tailor-made program with flexibility for budgets, facility type, and service needs, Monitor results until the problem has been eliminated, provide detailed log books for your record management.

Emergency Services Available 24/7

We have been providing pest control services throughout Arizona for a variety of commercial properties including the following:

  • Food-Processing
  • Small Business
  • Apartments & Rentals
  • Tourist Attractions
  • Schools & Daycare Centers
  • Resorts, Hotels, Motels
  • Restaurants
  • Government Buildings
  • Industrial & Manufacturing

State Certified Technicians Handle Any Pest Problem

Our technicians can handle any pest problem. Northwest Exterminating requires continuing education beyond state certification for all of its technicians and supports them with the most modern equipment and products.

A Digital Mouse & Rat Control Solution For Commercial Facilities

Shaping the future of pest control through innovation and science for a better tomorrow.

Unlike anything you've seen on the market, Anticimex SMART is an intelligent, electronic rodent control system that operates 24/7/365 to provide business owners and managers with peace of mind, constantly monitoring, predicting, and preventing infestations in an environmentally-friendly way. 

At Northwest Exterminating, we are pleased to partner with Anticimex to bring this revolutionary, digital pest control solution to businesses in the Phoenix metro as well as in Tucson and Southern Arizona.  

Northwest Exterminating Arizona Smart Rodent Control Northwest Exterminating Arizona Smart Rodent Control

How Anticimex SMART works

Traditional commercial pest management solutions rely on regular physical inspections to keep insects and rodents at bay. The Anticimex SMART system, however, does not. With non-toxic traps and 24/7 wireless monitoring, our firm has the ability to detect pests before you even them.

smart pest control step one

Step 1: Analyze & Plan 

First, we'll inspect your facility/site, study available documentation and interview key persons. Based on our assessment, we'll develop the optimal set-up for your company. And, if you have existing pest activity, we'll take care of it. 

smart pest control step two

Step 2: Installation & Connection

According to your custom plan, we'll install the state-of-the-art, multi-purpose technology around your site that detect infestations and non-toxic traps that eliminates pests. The SMART units are connected and constantly report back to us. 

smart pest control step three

Step 3: We Service, You Relax

Northwest Exterminating will conduct regular inspections, empty and relocate traps when needed, analyze data, and provide your company with the necessary documentation. If any activity is reported by the SMART system, we will act immediately so you can focus your attention elsewhere. 

Benefits Of Anticimex SMART


around the clock surveillance icon

Around The Clock Surveillance

Most pest solutions depend on quarterly or monthly physical inspections. The Anticimex SMART monitors constantly - that's 24/7 - reacts instantly, and reports immediately. 

non-toxic pest control icon

Non-Toxic Pest Control

The Anticimex SMART traps are 100% non-toxic. Better for the environment, they also create a healthier work environment. It also means no pesticides end up where they aren't supposed to be. 

avoid costly problems icon

Avoid Costly Problems

With Anticimex SMART installed, Northwest Exterminating is able to act fast on early warnings and deal with potential infestations before they turn into costly pest problems. 

detect blind spots icon

Detect Blind Spots

Pests excel at hiding in places that pest control technicians cannot access. With Anticimex SMART's innovative sensors, our team can detect pest activity behind walls and in other hidden places. We can also hone in on an area and relocate traps to areas where the pests are.

easy documentation icon

Easy Documentation

Since the Anticimex SMART system is connect to a data hub, we can analyze your company's situation and, when needed, export the data required by governing authorities. 

less to worry about icon

Less To Worry About

Continuous monitoring minimizes the risk of an infestation that could jeopardize your business as well as your relationships with your customers, vendors, and partners. 

longtime northwest exterminating customer


‟I have been using Northwest Exterminating for many years. They are reliable and easy to work with. Albert does a very thorough and conscientious job each time he comes out. As a disabled person I appreciate the kindness he shows in making sure my garage door is closed before he leaves.
Northwest Exterminating received an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars from 294 reviews. 4.5 Read Google Reviews

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Pest Solutions For Homes & Businesses 

Northwest Exterminating provides pest control services in the Phoenix-metro and Tucson as well as throughout Southern Arizona that target the pests that are found in our region's unique desert environment. We promise personalized service and state-of-the-art techniques for all your exterminating needs.
Any Pest, On Time, Guaranteed.