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Organic Pest Treatment Plans

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Organic pest control solutions for homes & businesses

As part of our Sustainable SMART Solutions mission, we offer organic pest management service. Utilizing plant-based products and treatment methods developed over 15 years, we’ve created an eco-friendly service that is second to none.  Our programs are designed to keep pest out while providing you the peace of mind that comes with using family and pest safe products.

Organic services are available for homes and businesses throughout Arizona.  We understand the need for eco-friendly service and practices that protect families, employees, and customers.

For all of our customers receiving our Organic Solutions pest control we also recommend augmenting your protection with our Desert Guard home seal and SMART rodent monitoring, our eco-friendly service options for a complete Integrated Pest Management plan for your home or business.

Arizona has a unique desert environment with many unwanted pests that can invade your home

Northwest’s “Desert Guard” is a distinctive integrated pest management program designed to combat these unwanted invaders.

The Desert Guard service is a combination of sealing the entry points and installing physical barriers to limit pest activity and pest harborages around your home. By focusing on targeted areas around the home, Desert Guard can substantially limit the amount of pest activity, harborage, and physical entry into the home.

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Smart home pest control with digital rodent monitoring

Shaping the future of pest control through innovation and science for a better tomorrow.

Unlike anything you've seen on the market, Anticimex SMART is an intelligent, electronic rodent control system that operates 24/7/365 to provide homeowners with peace of mind, constantly monitoring, predicting, and preventing infestations in an environmentally friendly way. 

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Frequently asked questions

What are the products made from?
Organic botanical ingredients such as Thyme oil, Clove oil, Lemongrass and Rosemary Oil to name a few of the plants with naturally occurring pest control properties. Other products such as Diatomaceous earth (DE) and Silicon dioxide are natural minerals with pest control qualities that are often used in conjunction with organic liquid treatments.

Do these products have an EPA label?
Because EPA has determined that certain "minimum risk pesticides" pose little to no risk to human health or the environment, EPA has exempted them from the requirement that they be registered under the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act

Do the products smell?
Yes, the plants being used for extracts all have a scent, the sense of smell acts a repellant for some insects and aids in stopping pests from entering the home. Most of the plant products contain a scent many humans find pleasant.



customer for brown recluse spider control in cochise county


‟I bought a home, sight unseen (I trusted a VA inspector) in rural Cochise County, AZ.
After moving in I quickly discovered that the home was INFESTED with vermin and BROWN RECLUSE SPIDERS!

NW Exterminating installed ‘Desert Guard’ and that took care of ALL of the vermin, and, after a few treatments of Spider Power-Dusting in my crawl space I am free of dangerous spiders!

Dave K.
Cochise County, AZ
Northwest Exterminating received an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars from 461 reviews. 4.6 Read Google Reviews

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Pest Solutions For Homes & Businesses 

Northwest Exterminating provides pest control services in the Phoenix metro and Tucson, as well as throughout Southern Arizona, that target pests found in our region's unique desert environment. We promise personalized service and state-of-the-art techniques for all your exterminating needs.
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