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Bee Swarm Removal Services For Tucson, Phoenix & Southern AZ

Northwest Exterminating recommends bee swarms and nests be eliminated as soon as possible to prevent stinging incidents. A typical newly formed swarm or nest can have 5,000 to 10,000 workers. Left unchecked, a nest can grow to more than 40,000 workers.

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When nests form, Northwest master technicians remove them in a safe and effective manner. A sign of bees nesting in walls is steady activity entering in and out of a crack or crevice on the outside of a structure. These types of hives can cause significant structure damage.  Northwest Exterminating has modern techniques that allow us to provide the best service while helping to minimize the damage already occurred to your property.

Northwest’s state-certified, rapid-response team specializes in bee removal and control and is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our Bee Removal Services include the following:

Bee Trapping Maintenance Programs

If your property has had a series of bee problems and structural damage and public safety are a concern, you may want to consider a bee trapping program.  A pheromone is used to lure bees away from structures and heavily trafficked areas in both of these services.

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Residential Scout Trap System

The sticky surface of the trap does not allow the scout bees to leave the area and bring other colony members back to establish a hive. Scout traps are placed near a water source so that bees may be attracted or other areas prone to high activity. They are hung in a high location due to pheromone scents traveling down and out from the location. These traps are maintained on a monthly basis by our Bee Master Technicians.

Commercial Swarm Trap System

Two basket traps have a pheromone luring swarms into the basket. The trap provides prime conditions for hive survival. Bee traps are treated with a surfactant or pyrethrum product if a hive is being established. The bees and comb are then removed. They are hung in a high location due to pheromone scents traveling down and out from location. The traps are then maintained on a weekly basis by our Bee Master Technicians.

Honeycomb Removal

When a bee colony infests a structure, they quickly build honeycomb to preserve their major food source-which is honey. Each honeycomb removal is unique and a quite extensive process but Northwest specialists have the training and experience to properly handle honey comb removal.

There is a potential that you may see bee activity after a bee colony has been removed. This is due to the fact that there may have been bees out gathering food to bring back to the colony when the treatment was done. These stragglers will return following their pathway ready to deposit food for their peers. Consequently, a residual insecticide can often be applied in this area so returning bees make contact. The queen’s extermination will result in these additional bees being unable to survive after a few days as well. Our master technician will also notify the customer of any comb removal and advise if it is necessary it be removed. If left in place, a pheromone present on the comb could potentially attract a new swarm to that same area.

24-Hour Emergency Bee Removal

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At Northwest Exterminating, we offer same day service for emergency bee removal.

Solutions starting at $179/swarm.

We also offer honeycomb removal services. 

Our emergency bee response line is answered 24 hours a day - get a bee tech now! 

Call (520) 888-BUGS

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‟I bought a home, sight unseen (I trusted a VA inspector) in rural Cochise County, AZ.
After moving in I quickly discovered that the home was INFESTED with vermin and BROWN RECLUSE SPIDERS!

NW Exterminating installed ‘Desert Guard’ and that took care of ALL of the vermin, and, after a few treatments of Spider Power-Dusting in my crawl space I am free of dangerous spiders!

Dave K.
Cochise County, AZ
Northwest Exterminating received an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars from 294 reviews. 4.5 Read Google Reviews

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