Summer Bugs To Watch For In Phoenix & Tucson

When summer heats up in Arizona, pest activity increases. All living things respond to warmth, both positively and negatively. An insect that gets just the right temperature will get busy building nests and reproducing. When the sun is too hot, many will seek shade and moisture. Both of these responses can cause pest problems. The first will increase the number of pests that can present issues. The second can drive them into your home. Let's look at a few common pests to watch out for this summer in Phoenix and Tucson. We'll also share health concerns, property damage risks, and a few prevention tips for each.

ants are a common summer pest in phoenix

Summer ant activity in Southern Arizona

Ants crawl into your yard by the thousands as they forage. The secret to keeping them away is to reduce what they hope to find on your property.

  • The smell of organic matter attracts ants. Clean garbage receptacles and keep them covered.
  • Sweet natural food sources are sought after by most ants. Get rid of flowering lawn weeds, which have sweet nectar.
  • Ants can get shade from tall blades of grass. Keep your lawn cut short.
  • Ants eat insects, both alive and dead. Keep lights off at night to reduce insect activity in your yard.

It is wise to keep ants away as certain ants damage wood, and all ants can pick up germs and spread them. Southern fire ants are particularly troublesome as they are stinging pests.

Scorpions are most active in the summer in Tucson & Phoenix

In our area, scorpions are one of the most common stinging pests. We have several types of scorpions, including bark scorpions. These arachnids can climb most surfaces and can enter homes through small gaps. Here are some tips to keep them out:

  • Use a caulking gun to seal gaps around your windows and doors.
  • Replace weatherstripping if you're able to see gaps.
  • Replace damaged door sweeps.
  • Use expanding foam to fill in structural cavities.
  • Reduce surface moisture in your landscaping.

Scorpion bites can result in painful wounds that require medical attention. For that reason (and others), it is best to keep these pests out of your home if you can help it.  can cause a painful wound. It is best to keep these critters out of your home if you can help it.

It's mosquito season in Arizona

Arizona is home to a variety of mosquito species. It is surprising that these insects can survive here at all, as they are highly dependent on moisture for hydration. However, they manage to thrive. Below are some tips you can use to address the conditions that mosquitoes seek on your property.

  • Mosquitoes hide in vegetation and feed on nectar and plant sap. Fewer plants will lead to fewer mosquitoes.
  • Mosquitoes prefer vegetation that is damp or humid. Only give your plants the water they need.
  • Remove objects that collect rainwater. Most mosquito species lay eggs in stagnant water. It only takes a little over a week for mosquitoes to develop into flying adults.

Most mosquito bites are only itchy and irritating, but it is possible to get sick from a mosquito bite. Mosquitoes spread many diseases, such as West Nile virus.  

Summer means the wasps will be out

One pest that likes to sneak up on you in the summer is the paper wasp. You'll catch paper wasps creating nests in sheltered locations, such as the overhang of your home or shed. Here are some quick wasp prevention tips:

  • Check your property routinely and remove tiny, grey starter nests during the day.
  • Keep trash bins covered and the exteriors clean. The scent of organic matter attracts paper wasps.
  • Move trash bins away from your home. The rising scent may cause wasps to create a nest above them.

It is good to have wasps visit your property, but not good to have them create a nest. Paper wasps are social insects that swarm to protect their nests. Each wasp drone can sting multiple times because it does not have a barbed stinger.  Although most people aren’t going to be affected by paper wasps (other than the stinging red welt they leave behind), others are not so fortunate. Wasp stings can trigger mild to severe allergic reactions in some individuals and medical attention may be necessary.

Cricket songs in the night

Some crickets chirp. When a chirping cricket gets into your home, it can keep you up at night. Some crickets, like spider crickets, don't chirp but may startle you as they leap through the air. Crickets are annoying but not a health threat. You can use the exclusion tips given for scorpions to keep these pests out.

Northwest Exterminating can help you keep summer pests out

What can you do about common summer pests? Northwest Exterminating provides services to help you deal with the pests listed here and the many others we didn't list. Stop by our home pest control page to learn more about our ongoing residential plans that help Southern Arizona homeowners keep ants, crickets, and other house-infesting pests out all year long.

Are you concerned about mosquitoes? Our seasonal mosquito control reduces the number of mosquitoes in our clients' yards from May through the end of September. If you’d like help drastically reducing mosquitoes on your property, please reach out!

Desert Guard, our insect and rodent exclusion service, is a sustainable and smart solution that prevents pests from infesting and specifically targets scorpions and other pests found in our desert environment from finding their way into homes.

customer for brown recluse spider control in cochise county


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