Where To Look For Termites

In Phoenix, Tucson, and throughout Southern Arizona, where the climate is conducive to termite activity, it's crucial to know all you can about termites including how to tell if you termites in your home and where to look. In a previous article, we spent some time identifying the signs of termites and so today we’re going to reveal where to look for termites and the accompanying signs of an infestation.


termite tunnels or mud tubes

Signs of termites

Before we dive into the where to look for these wood-destroying insects, let’s take a quick look at the signs of a termite infestation.

  • Termite mud tubes/tunnels
  • Darkening or blistering wood
  • Wood that is buckling or that that sounds hollow when tapped
  • Damaged wood
  • Bubbling paint
  • Doors and/or windows that stick
  • Termite swarms inside or outside
  • Discarded termite wings inside your home

Where to check for termite activity

  • Foundation & exterior
    From their underground colonies, subterranean termites often build mud tubes to reach above-ground wood, so check for these tubes along the foundation of any wooden structures with direct contact with soil.
  • Expansion joints
    Termites may take advantage of small gaps that are created when expansion joints… well expand.
  • Decks & porches
    Check for mud tubes on wooden posts and beams supporting decks and porches. Wooden steps and handrails should also be inspected for signs of termites.
  • Baseboards, window frames & door frames
    Inspect wooden baseboards and frames of doors and windows for signs of termite activity. These wood-destroying insects may slip inside through cracks and gaps around doors and windows. Also, if a termite swarm occurs inside, you’ll typically see discarded wings under windows.
  • Garage
    Termites can easily enter garages and so it’s not uncommon to find mud tubes or termite damage.
  • Trees, stumps, mulch & woodpiles
    Termites need moisture to survive so if you have water damaged or rotting trees and stumps, mulch, and firewood in close proximity to your home, monitor them for termite activity.

Please note, this list should not be considered exhaustive. You may find termites or signs of them elsewhere in your home or on your property. 

What to do when you see signs of termites

Unfortunately, termites are a serious pest problem in our area so if you see signs of termite activity, do not ignore the problem. These destructive insects work around the clock infesting and damaging wood and although extensive damage won’t happen overnight, you don’t want to lose any time.

How to get rid of termites in Phoenix, Tucson & Southern Arizona

If you’re worried about termites infesting your home in Phoenix, Tucson, or elsewhere in Southern Arizona, contact Northwest Exterminating for help! Our locally operated pest control company offers comprehensive termite control services that exterminate termites and prevent new colonies from developing.

Bundle home pest control & termite control!

In addition to our standalone termite control services, Northwest Exterminating also offers a home pest control plan that not only stops common household pests from infesting, but also protects against termites. It includes:

  • Year-round pest protection
  • Four seasonal services
  • Free re-treatment for covered pests
  • SMART monitoring system for rodents
  • Termite monitoring
  • Termite baiting system

Reach out today to ask us for details about our SMARTDefense Complete!

SMARTDefense Complete

An all encompassing quarterly pest control plan, Northwest Exterminating's SMARTDefense Complete gives homeowners in Phoenix, Tucson, and Southern Arizona the peace of mind that rodents, insects, and termites are being controlled 24/7/365. We use the state-of-the-art SMART electronic rodent monitoring, a trusted termite baiting system, and our time-tested and effective control procedures for general insects including ants and spiders.

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