Summer Pests Are Still Active In Phoenix

For the most part school is back in session in Phoenix but that doesn’t mean summer is over or the summer pests have disappeared. In fact, there’s plenty of insects active across the metropolitan, as well as in Tucson and throughout Southern Arizona. In today’s blog post, we’ll identify pests that are still being a nuisance (or worse) and what to do about them.

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An excessive heat warning isn’t the only problem property owners in Phoenix are dealing with right now, scorpions are still active as well.  Although you likely won’t see them during the day, that doesn’t mean they haven’t infiltrated your home. Common hiding spots include areas that are dark and cool. Closets and other storage areas as well as quiet corners and even clothing or shoes fit the bill just fine.


Yes, pesky mosquitoes are pests that homeowners are battling in Phoenix, Scottsdale, and across the Valley, as well as throughout the region. Not only are mosquito bites itchy and annoying, but a bite from an infected mosquito can also spread West Nile virus or another other mosquito-borne illnesses to people and even animals.

Africanized honey bees

Make no mistake, killer bees are a serious threat to people and property, but this summer, things are a bit different for them. According to this article, high temperatures are taking a toll on local bee populations. Even their hive’s evaporation system isn’t enough to beat the heat and, in some cases, hives are actually melting. Unfortunately, when honey leaks down walls inside homes and saturates drywall, it can cause mold issues and other property damage and attract other pests such as ants and cockroaches.


When ants infest homes, they’re looking for shelter, food, and moisture. This summer, Argentine ants, odorous house ants, harvester ants, and other nuisance and sometimes destructive ants are doing their usual thing and it’s leading to problems for homeowners across the Valley.


What happens when you find a bunch of insects infesting your home? You get spiders. Spider levels remain high this month and are likely to be a problem for a while yet. Common spiders in Phoenix include orb spiders, wolf spiders, and venomous black widows.


How to keep summer pests out of your AZ home for the rest of the summer & into fall

To keep summer pests away from your family and home, Northwest Exterminating recommends has put together a few practical prevention tips to try:

  • Keep your pool well maintained
  • Remove debris from the yard
  • Seal around doors and windows as well as cracks, gaps, and other openings on the exterior of the house
  • Install mesh covers over vents
  • Repair or replace torn window screens
  • If your home has gutters, check them regularly to make sure debris has not clogged them
  • Clean up food and drink spills as soon as they happen
  • Don’t leave dishes in the sink
  • Vacuum, sweep, and mop regularly
  • Disinfect kitchen surfaces every day
  • Take out the trash often
  • Store garbage in outside bins that have durable lids
  • Declutter the garage, closets, and other storage areas
  • Fix leaky pipes and appliances
  • Don’t leave food or trash by the pool or other outdoor living space


Contact Northwest Exterminating for help solving your summer pest problem

If you’ve discovered ants or other pests infesting your home this summer, are tired of being driven indoors by mosquitoes, or have found a bee nest too closer to your home, contact Northwest Exterminating for help. Our locally operated pest control company is one of Arizona’s largest and offer home pest control services in Phoenix, Tucson, and throughout our service area that get rid of pests and keep them out! Compare our residential plans below.

Defense Plan
What's included:
  • Year-Round Pest Protection
  • 4 Seasonal Services
  • General Pest Control
  • Free Re-Treat Service
  • SMART Monitoring System For Rodents
  • Termite Monitoring
  • Termite Baiting System
What's included:
  • Year-Round Pest Protection
  • 4 Seasonal Services
  • General Pest Control
  • Free Re-Treat Service
  • SMART Monitoring System For Rodents
  • Termite Monitoring
  • Termite Baiting System
SMARTDefense Complete
What's included:
  • Year-Round Pest Protection
  • 4 Seasonal Services
  • General Pest Control
  • Free Re-Treat Service
  • SMART Monitoring System For Rodents
  • Termite Monitoring
  • Termite Baiting System
**initial fees may apply

Effective mosquito control and bee removal in Phoenix

In addition to our home pest control plans, Northwest also offers the best mosquito control in Phoenix and specializes in bee nest and swarm removal! In fact, for the latter, our state-certified, rapid response team is available 24/7 to handle bee problems.

Don’t waste the rest of the summer worrying about bugs, contact our team today!

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