How Long Do Termites Stay In A House & Other Termite FAQs

According to the University of Arizona, termites have earned the distinction of being Arizona’s number one urban pest. They are also one of the costliest pest problems homeowners in our state contend with which is why we thought it a good idea to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about subterranean termites- the most common type of termite in our region. 

subterranean termites active inside a southern AZ home

How common are termite problems in Arizona?

On a termite infestation probability map, the Grand Canyon state is noted as a moderate to heavy termite zone. Furthermore, it is estimated that there are three to five termite colonies per acre of land here in Arizona. That means homeowners should not ask if, but when will termites show up. 

What to do if you’re worried about termites?

If you’re concerned that you might have a termite problem in your home, contact Northwest Exterminating right away to schedule a termite inspection. When you do, we’ll send a state certified inspector to your home to look for termites, termite damage, and conducive conditions. If termites are detected, we’ll explain the findings and then discuss the best termite treatment option for your home. 

How long do termites live in a house?

Termites are in your home for the long haul. That is, as long as there is a wood or wood by-products to consume and you don’t address the problem with effective termite control. Left un-treated, termites will not only survive, but thrive and the termite population may grow up to one million termites over several years. 

Does homeowners insurance cover termites?

Unfortunately, most homeowners insurance policies do not cover termite damage or removal. That’s because termite infestations are considered a preventable problem because homeowners should perform routine home maintenance. To verify if your covered should these wood-destroying pests infest, you should check your policy to understand exactly what is and is not covered. If you’re still not sure after that, contact your insurance company for answers. 

How do you know if you have termites or what should you look for?

Termites are known as “silent destroyers” and for good reason- they often avoid detection until termite damage becomes apparent or they swarm from inside a home. To identify subterranean termites, look for these common signs:

Mud tubes/tunnels

Subterranean termite colonies are located below ground where there is plenty of the moisture they need to survive. When they leave their nest in order to find food, they travel through mud tubes or tunnels that extend from the ground. These tunnels allow them to avoid exposure to the air and retain moisture. Mud tunnels are often attached to the sides of homes and may even be found inside. 

Flying termites and/or shed wings

When the reproductive members of a termite colony leave to mate and start new colonies, it is known as a termite swarm. When a termite swarm is in process, you’ll see many flying termites in one spot. If this natural phenomenon takes place inside your home or you see shed wings on the floor (evidence that a swarm occurred), that means a termite colony exists somewhere inside your home and has been present for a while. 

Cosmetic and structural damage

If a home has been infested by termites for a good deal of time homeowners may notice swollen window frames, floors sagging or even bending more than they ought to when walked over, bubbling or peeling paint, and darkening wood. In the case of severe infestation, they may find wood breaking and significant structural damage. 

How can you prevent termites?

To make your home less attractive to termites, we suggest the following tips:

  • Make sure any wood portions of your home do not touch soil 
  • Eliminate moisture issues
  • Repair or replace water damaged wood
  • Fix any plumbing leaks or leaky appliances 
  • Do not use wood mulch in your landscaping 
  • Store firewood away from the house and off the ground

If you’re in the construction phase of a new home and would like to protect your home even before the walls are up, we recommend a termite pre-treatment. A preventative termite solution, this method is done in phases starting from the foundation construction and ending with a final treatment applied to the exterior foundation after the final grade or landscaping is complete. 


How Northwest Exterminating eliminates termites

At Northwest Exterminating, we offer comprehensive termite control in Phoenix, Tucson, and throughout Southern AZ that not only exterminates termite colonies already active in or on your property, but also prevents new ones from establishing. For more information about termite protection or to schedule your inspection, please reach out today! 

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