Bees In Water Meter Box

Let us start by saying, Yikes! It is a bit unnerving to discover bees in a water meter box. Yet, it happens far too often in Arizona. If you've discovered a bee problem, it is likely that you have questions. In this blog post, you'll find all the information you need to solve your bee pest problem.

bees nest in water meter boxes

Why are bees in my meter box?

According to the University of Arizona, there are 1,300 native species of ground-nesting, twig-nesting, and parasitic bees found in Arizona. Since there are many species that nest in the ground, it only makes sense that they would get into a water box. It is dark, protected, and in the ground. That box may also have moisture in it, and bees need moisture for survival. But moisture is a secondary concern. The priority for bees is to establish a protected hive to safeguard their food source, which is honey. A water meter box is a perfect spot.

Do I have bees?

If you aren't sure if you have bees in your water meter box, there are two ways you may detect them. Watch the cap of your water meter box to see if bees are entering and exiting. Bee activity is almost certainly evidence of a nest inside. If you don't see activity, listen closely to your water meter box. You may hear bees buzzing inside.

How do I get rid of bees?

Bee removal is tricky. You need specialized gear to prevent bees from stinging you, training in proper removal techniques, and the knowledge of what to do with those bees.

  • Our state-certified rapid response team has the gear to tackle bee swarm removal. That means you don't have to buy any gear or store it after the nest is removed.
  • Our pest control specialists are trained to survey your property and offer a range of control and management solutions.
  • Our experts know that bees are beneficial creatures and will appropriately deal with your bee control issue.

If you discover bees nesting in your water meter box, contact the Northwest Exterminating team. We provide the highest level of bee & wasp control in Phoenix, Tucson, and Southern Arizona.

Other places bees nest on Arizona properties

You can find bees nesting in any location where a dark, protected space is available to them. They'll nest in tree cavities and hollowed-out logs. They'll dig tunnels in soil or use rodent burrows as starter holes. They'll nest between rocks in rock piles or in rocky ground, which is abundant in Arizona.

When bees come into your Arizona yard, they can get into flower beds and garden soil. You may find them nesting in soil holes at the base of trees and shrubs. They may get into gaps in your shed roof or the eaves on other structures. They like to get in piles of wood and construction materials. One place they love most is rock gardens and rocky landscaping. 

Along with these obvious spots, you may also check a few surprising locations where bees are sometimes found, such as grills, broken pipes, trash cans, trash piles, old tire tubes, stored furniture, birdhouses, and unused yard equipment.

You can detect bees in any of these areas by carefully watching for bees entering and exiting gaps, holes, and crevices. When you do, contact Northwest Exterminating and schedule to meet with one of our experts.

The simple & effective solution for bees in Southern AZ

We are your Arizona bee control and management specialists. Contact Northwest Exterminating for help with bees in Phoenix, Tucson, and elsewhere in our Southern Arizona service area. Here are a few of the ways we can assist you:

  • Survey your property and share our findings with you.
  • Locate and remove nests.
  • Remove honeycombs, a labor-intensive process that is unique to each comb.
  • Remove swarms to give you protection on your property.
  • Remove bees entirely from water meter boxes.
  • Remove nests in high locations.
  • Repair structures after nest elimination and comb removal.
  • Apply exclusions to help prevent bees from entering again.
  • Apply management solutions to lure bees away from outdoor areas.
  • Install swarm trap systems for easier collection and removal of bees that come onto your property.

Do you have questions that were not addressed in this post? Contact Northwest Exterminating for guidance. We provide homeowners and property owners with the best pest control, including expert bee removal and management. 

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