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What do solpugids look like?

solpugid in redrock arizona

Solpugids often get mistaken for scorpion.  Although this is an arachnid it is neither a scorpion nor spider.  They are 1/2 inch to 1 1/4 inch long.  Light to dark brown in coloring.  Eight legs with an additional set called pedipalps that are used to catch and hold prey.  Another distinguishing feature is the large pincerlike jaws.  It has no tail, stinger or venom glands.

Life cycle of solpugids

Gradual metamorphosis

The female lays 50-200 eggs after mating into burrows.  She will stand guard protecting her eggs while they develop (about 2 weeks.)  The young solpugids will stay with the mother after hatching at which time she will care and feed for them.  The life span is estimated at one year, with one generation being produced during that time.

Habits of solpugids

  • Diet: Juice of insects including termites, bees, bedbugs. Will eat lizards and small mice.
  • Activity: Nocturnal
  • Preferred Climate: Dry, desert regions
  • Defense: Quickly moves, catches prey with pedipalps then uses fangs to kill their prey.
  • Cautions: They will be hiding during the day under rocks and in burrows
  • Home Invasion: Rarely seen in the home unless they entered in search of food.

Are solpugids dangerous?

They are basically harmless to people. 

Where do solpugids live?

Solpugids prefer dry, desert regions.

Helpful hints for solpugids

  • Seal any cracks and crevices that silverfish could use to enter
  • Check weather stripping around doors and windows for a good seal
  • Reduce lighting near doorways that would attract insects thus the solpugid in search of food
  • Sign up for home pest control to keep insect levels to a minimum thus reducing the solpugid food source.


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