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Pavement Ants

Tetramorium Caespitum
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pavement ants infesting crack in walkway

What do pavement ants look like?

This stinging ant is approximately 1/10 to 1/8 inch long.  Dark brown to black, these ants have workers that are all the same size.  They have one pair of spines and noticeable grooves on their head and thorax.

When are pavement ants most active?

Very Active
Not Active

Life cycle of pavement ants

Complete metamorphosis

These ants mainly swarm to form new colonies in spring, but when they invade and preside inside structures this behavior can happen any season.  The queen produces 5-20 eggs per day with larva developing into an adult over a period of two months.

Habits of pavement ants

  • Diet: Feed on a variety of foods with greasy, sweet materials being preferred. Will also feed on seeds, dead insects, and fruit.
  • Activity: More active during spring and summer months. Active all year when an interior problem. Will forage up to 30 feet to get to a food source.
  • Preferred Climate: Spring time temperatures in Arizona 70-75 degrees.
  • Defense: Nest in protected areas typically under cement slabs, edges of rocks or inside structures under the foundation.
  • Cautions: Immediate action when on the outside helps to avoid infestations from moving indoors.
  • Home Invasion: Pavement ants will emerge from edges of cement foundations, structural voids, under rockscapes. They are often found near water sources including leaky pipes.

Are pavement ants dangerous?

Pavement ants are capable of stinging when disturbed. 

Where do pavement ants nest?

Pavement ants in Arizona often nest in soil alongside sidewalks and driveways as well as under homes that have concrete slabs, and in the cracks of concrete. 

Helpful hints for pavement ants

To prevent pavement ant problems, try implementing these ant prevention tips:

  • Repair any leaking pipes 
  • Minimize any potential water collection
  • Keep yards well maintained to minimize harborage points and food sources
  • Secure year-round home pest control services to keep pavement ants and other pests out!

How do you get rid of pavement ants?

For help getting rid of pavement ants, reach out to Northwest Exterminating. Our home pest control services include interior and exterior pest treatments that eliminate existing pest problems and prevent ants and other house-infesting pests from re-establishing.

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