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Why Tucson Homeowners Are Finding Crickets In The Bathroom This Summer

If you’ve noticed crickets in your bathroom or elsewhere in your home this summer, you’re not alone. Crickets are a common pest problem right now in Tucson and throughout Southern Arizona as well as the Phoenix metro. What’s more, they will continue to become more of a problem as summer progresses. In this blog post, we’ll explain why these nuisance pests are heading indoors, how to prevent them, and how our team of Tucson pest control pros help property owners get rid of crickets and other house-infesting insects. 

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What types of crickets are common in Tucson & Southern Arizona

House crickets
House crickets are one of the most widespread and well-known cricket species found in homes across the United States, including our region. They are attracted to warm and humid environments and may seek shelter indoors during the summer months.

Field crickets 
Field crickets are another common type of cricket that infest homes in Tucson. They are often found in outdoor environments like gardens and fields but can accidentally make their way indoors, especially during their active season in the summer.

Camel crickets
Also known as cave crickets or spider crickets, these crickets have long, spider-like legs and are typically found in dark and damp areas, such as basements, crawl spaces, and bathrooms. They might also be found in other parts of the house.

Why crickets infest homes during the summer

Crickets may move indoors in response to a change in weather outside, on purpose, and even by accident. Let’s take a closer look at what prompts these pests to move into bathrooms and other places inside Arizona homes.

  • Seasonal migration
    Crickets are known to be more active during the warmer months, especially in the summer. During this time, they might be seeking cooler and more humid environments, which could lead them indoors, including bathrooms, in search of moisture.
  • Attracted by lights
    Crickets are naturally attracted to light sources during the night. If there are outdoor lights near the bathroom or windows, crickets might inadvertently find their way inside and end up in the bathroom or in other rooms.
  • Easy to access entry points
    Crickets are small insects and can find their way either on purpose or by accident into homes through small gaps, cracks, or poorly sealed windows and doors. Once they enter, they might wander around and eventually find their way to the bathroom.   
  • Breeding grounds
    Bathrooms often have some sources of water, like sinks, bathtubs, and showers. This moisture can create an appealing environment for crickets to lay eggs and breed.   
  • Vegetation outside the house
    If there are dense plants or bushes close to the exterior walls of the house, crickets might inhabit these areas and accidentally find their way indoors, including the bathroom.

How to prevent cricket infestations this summer

To reduce the chances of crickets infesting this summer, we suggest using the following pest prevention tips:  

  • Seal cracks and gaps
    Check for any openings in windows, doors, and walls, and seal them properly to prevent crickets from entering the house.
  • Keep lights off or use yellow bug lights
    Turn off unnecessary lights at night or consider using yellow bug lights that are less attractive to insects.
  • Fix leaky faucets and pipes
    Eliminate sources of excess moisture in the bathroom and other areas, as crickets are drawn to areas with high humidity.
  • Trim vegetation
    Keep the vegetation around the house well-maintained and at a distance from the exterior walls to reduce potential entry points for crickets.
  • Use insect screens
    Install fine mesh screens on windows and vents to prevent crickets from entering while still allowing ventilation.

What to do if crickets have already infested your home

If you’ve ready to exterminate crickets that have infested your home home this summer, Northwest Exterminating can help! Our home pest control services are the ideal solution, delivering year-round protection from insects and rodents including crickets. Don’t put up with crickets in the bathroom or anywhere else in your home; contact us today to request a free consultation!

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