How To Prepare For Scorpion Season In Phoenix

Scorpions aren’t necessarily top of mind for most homeowners in Phoenix right now and while activity is relatively low this time of year, we don’t want anyone getting too comfortable. Trust us, scorpions haven’t gone anywhere and it won’t be long before they become more active and start moving. 

phoenix home prepared for scorpion season with professional pest control services

What are scorpions doing right now?

Contrary to popular belief, scorpions in Arizona do not die off during the colder season, they winter down. Like many of us, they’re not a fan of winter and find refuge in places where they can stay warm. Unfortunately, that means you could have scorpions hiding out in your walls, under your ductwork, and in other areas of your home. 

Scorpions in Phoenix are likely to become active as early as March

Depending on how warm it is, property owners in Phoenix and throughout the Valley will likely start to notice scorpion activity as early as March. After enduring a few months of hibernation, these arachnids will want food and water and are likely to be observed crawling around on the floor, scaling walls, lurking on ceilings, and foraging in the garage. 

Before scorpion season is in full swing, make sure your home is ready

If you haven’t already pest-proofed your home to keep scorpions (and other insects or rodents) out, now is the time. In fact, in the coming months, there will be quite an uptick in scorpion sightings and you don’t want them in your home. With that in mind, here are a few prevention tips to implement:

  • Eliminate standing water and moisture problems around the exterior of your home and keep the inside dry as well
  • Seal up any hole or crack in the foundation and walls 
  • Caulk around doors and windows 
  • Remove leaves and other organic debris from your yard, especially any that are close to the house
  • Relocate wood piles so that they are several feet away from the structure
  • Declutter storage closets, laundry rooms, and other really any room of your home where clutter seems to multiply
  • Organize the garage 
  • Keep food sources sealed up (it attracts the bugs scorpions feed on) 
  • Use exterior trash cans that close 

Contact Northwest Exterminating if you need help getting rid of scorpions 

If the time for preventative measures has passed and you’ve discovered scorpions in your home, reach out to Northwest Exterminating for effective scorpion control today! Serving the Phoenix metro, Tucson, and Southern Arizona since 1990, our locally operated pest control company would be happy to help you solve your scorpion problem. 

Northwest Exterminating’s Desert Guard

In addition to effective pest control services, we also offer a rodent and pest exclusion plan designed specifically for Arizona’s unique desert environment.

Desert Guard, Northwest’s distinctive Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program, was developed to keep scorpions and other unwanted pests out of homes. Essentially, it’s an exclusion service that includes:

  • Caulking around vents
  • Sealing weep hole openings
  • Installing backer rod
  • Sealing other gaps from the foundation to the roof
  • Installing weather stripping, netting, screening, and other materials designed to keep pests out

The materials we install are intended to be long-term physical deterrents and are backed by a one-year warranty for replacement and labor.

Don’t wait until it’s too late, contact Northwest Exterminating today!

For relief from scorpions and other pests that have taken up residence in or around your home, please reach out to Northwest Exterminating today! 

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