Wolf Spiders

Lycosa Helluo
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What do wolf spiders look like?

wolf spider crawling outside tucson az

Wolf spiders are commonly mistaken for brown recluse spiders, but the violin shaped marking is absent on the wolf spider’s head. Like all spiders they have 8 legs and two body parts. Wolf spiders also are 1 1/2 to 2 inches in length, hairy, brown to gray in color with markings and lines, and have fang-like mouthparts called chelicerae. They have 4 equal sized eyes on the bottom row, and 2 enlarged eyes on the top row.

Habits of wolf spiders

  • Diet: Actively hunt insects and spiders.
  • Activity: Nocturnal
  • Preferred Climate: Temperate climate
  • Defense: Speed, fast moving spiders.
  • Cautions: Can bite if disturbed, but not considered dangerous.
  • Home Invasion: Primarily occupy the outdoors, but will occasionally roam indoors in search of food or to stay warm during winter. Will be found around doors, windows, houseplants, basements, garages, etc. They will be close to the ground since they are not good climbers.

Are wolf spiders dangerous?

Most spiders do not pose a threat to people and are generally helpful by keeping insects in check. However, all spiders do have venom which can be harmful. If a spider bite is suspected fever, nausea, and abdominal pain may also occur, in which case immediate medical attention is needed.

Where are wolf spiders found?

Wolf spiders do not typically enter homes and businesses, but will occasionally roam indoors in search of food or to stay warm during the winter. They are often found around doors, windows, and houseplants and in basements and garages. 

Helpful hints for wolf spiders

Interesting facts about wolf spiders

Wolf spiders are active hunters that are extremely important to the ecosystem.

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