Striped Tail Scorpions

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What do striped tail scorpions look like?

striped tail scorpion outside

Scorpions have two body parts, eight legs, a set of large pincers, fang-like appendages near the mouth, and a segmented tail. The last bulbous section (telson) of the tail houses the venom glands. Pincers aid in catching prey as the telson injects the venom. Their bodies have hard, protective coverings called an exoskeletons. Scorpions have multiple sets of eyes but have poor sight, therefore, they depend on a comb-like organ at the base of the last pair of legs to act like a feeler. Specifically, striped tail scorpions are 2 1/4 inches long, are yellow to tan in color, and have a dark triangle mark between their eyes.

Habits of striped tail scorpions

  • Diet: Any invertebrate including many insects, worms, and baby lizards.
  • Activity: Nocturnal
  • Preferred Climate: Temperatures above 60 degrees
  • Defense: Pincers and venom injected.
  • Cautions: Scorpions will sting when touched, mishandled or if they become trapped against skin after crawling into shoes, clothing or bedding. All scorpion species in the US are venomous but do not pose a large health risk unless the victim has an allergic reaction or is a small child or elderly, therefore, it is recommended that a physician always be notified if a person is stung.
  • Home Invasion: Scorpions may find their way into a home, hiding under rocks, woodpiles, crevices or anyplace providing shade and seclusion.

Are striped tail scorpions dangerous?

Scorpions can cause immediate pain and swelling. Numbness and tingling are frequently reported. The injured area may be hypertensive to touch, pressure, heat and cold. Small children are at the highest risk.

Where do striped tail scorpions nest?

Striped tail scorpions are extremely sensitive to water and humidity so they will be found in areas that are kept moist. 

Helpful hints for striped tail scorpions

To discourage scorpion activity on your property, we recommend:

  • Removing debris in and around the home
  • Elevating trash cans
  • Keeping your lawn and landscape well-maintained
  • Ensuring your window screens are in good repair and fit tightly in the frame
  • Having a professional pest control plan in place
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