Mud Daubers

Sceliphron Caementarium (black and yellow) | Chalybion Califernicum (blue)
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What do mud daubers look like?

mud dauber in phoenix az

The black and yellow mud daubers are dull black in color with parts of their bodies being bright yellow. They have long, thin waists, dark wings, and range in size from 1/2 to 1/8 inch long.

The blue mud daubers are dark metallic blue to black wasps with long, thin waists and bluish wings. They grow approximately 1/2 to 1 inch long.

Life cycle of the mud dauber

Complete metamorphosis

Females collect mud with their mandibles. They then use mud to form cylindrically shaped nests on walls or sides of equipment or use a previously constructed nest. They collect food and lay an egg on the prey within each cell and seal the cell with mud. The female then leaves the nest at the end of spring. When the new adult wasp emerges from the cell the cycle begins again.

Habits of mud daubers

  • Diet: Insects and spiders
  • Activity: More active during the day
  • Preferred Climate: Temperate climates
  • Defense: Sting their prey and paralyze them.
  • Cautions: Not considered a threat. Rarely aggressive, but will sting if handled.
  • Home Invasion: Mud daubers will make nests on structure walls, ceilings, eaves, porches, decks and especially near water sources mud can be collected for their nest construction.

Are mud daubers dangerous?

Mud daubers are rarely aggressive and stings are very uncommon. If you are stung by a stinging insect and are experiencing trouble, you should contact your doctor or call 911 right away. 

Where do mud daubers nest?

Mud daubers build tube-like nests attached to crevices, cracks, and corners. They also occupy barns, porches, and other sheltered nesting sites. 

Helpful hints for mud daubers

Make your property less appealing to mud daubers with these helpful stinging insect prevention tips:

Interesting facts about mud daubers

Mud daubers are considered beneficial since they kill spiders and pose little or no harm to humans.

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