Crazy Ants

Paratrechina Longicornis
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What do crazy ants look like?

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Crazy ants are dark brown to black in color. Workers are approximately 1/10 inch in size.  The scape (first segment of the antenna) is twice the length of the head and their long legs are relative to body size.

Habits of crazy ants

  • Diet: Live/dead insects, seeds, honeydew, fruits, household foods. Seasonal preferences.
  • Activity: Known for its erratic, rapid movements
  • Preferred Climate: Warm, humid and dry
  • Defense: Bites then releases an acidic liquid that causes burning sensation
  • Cautions: Burning sensation if bit, see previous
  • Home Invasion: Will find a way into a home or can be transported by plants into a home. Sets up multiple nests making it hard to control. On outside nests have little to no mounds and can be difficult to identify harborage points. The base of trees, foundations, under mulch or vegetation are most common harborage points outdoors. Will forage far for food so much track to harborage point to get to the source. This can be difficult due to their random movements.

Are crazy ants dangerous?

Crazy ants can bite and while their bites may produce a burning sensation, they are not typically harmful. 

Where do crazy ants nest?

Crazy ants nest in very dry to moist sites. Rotten wood, fallen tree limbs, and stumps are common nesting spots and they also nest under stones, brick, and lumber. Inside homes and structures, they establish nests in wall voids and beneath floors as well near hot-water pipes and heaters. 

Helpful hints for crazy ants

To discourage crazy ant activity in and around structures, we recommend the following crazy ant prevention tips:

An interesting fact about crazy ants

The Rasberry crazy ant is a newer species of crazy ant and was discovered in Texas by pest control operator, Tom Rasberry. 

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