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Underground Bee Hive Removal

2011September 7
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by Prof. McFly

Called out to remove a bee nest causing walkers along a trail problems.This crevice formed a secure place for bees to nest.Many people often think Africanized bees nest in high places like eaves of homes, amongst tree branches, from light poles, etc.  However, bees will occupy any site they feel well they will not be disturbed by humans or animals.  This can mean that bees will find access to underground cavities, often naturally formed, to set up shop.  Northwest Exterminating has located and removed bee hives in these underground sites.  Some typical sites include:

Vacated rodent burrows with multiple entry points.  The bees build their nest in the cavity maintaining the temperature causing air movement through the tunnels.  Large boulders placed along mountainsides or placed in landscaping often will have holes at the base leading to underground animal homes that have been vacated as well.

Nest sites in waterfalls or like details in poolscapes is possible as well.  This makes treating much more difficult since pesticides are not to be used near pools.  Each of these situations has to be inspected and a plan devised for removal and exclusion to prevent re-infestations.

Colonies in ground or mountainside cavities or caves has been an area we have dealt with as well.  The bee colonies often grow to such a large size and stay established for such a long period of time, that the hives aggressiveness becomes a huge concern for public safety.  These underground colonies have structural challenges that can sometimes limit access to comb removal.  Comb removal is always suggested since it harbors pheromones that can attract future bee colonies into the same area.  It’s often not possible to seal this area if opening is extremely large or for environmental reasons.

The number one underground place we find bees nesting is in irrigation or water meter boxes.  Opening these areas can be a shocker for homeowners or workers needing to access the inside.  Be aware that if you see bees going in and out of these areas, it could signal that a nest is inside or scout bees are checking it out for a potential nest site. 

Northwest Exterminating has vast experience of removing bees in different locations.  As the fall swarming season approaches, be aware of all areas that bees could be around you, high and low.

Contact Northwest Exterminating for bee removals 24/7 at 520-888-BUGS (2847).

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